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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and now this is news 4 at 11:00. >> a severe storms have moved out now but the cleanup is getting started. thousands remain in the dark after trees fell knocking out
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power across the region. >> in d.c. home video shows a fire that was sparked by ligh n lightening. >> first, we are live in northwest with some of the after math. >> well, there's a lot going on here in northwest d.c., several streets are closed like with you know one behind me. let me move out of the way quickly. you hear that they are chopping up the tree that is blocking the interception. one family here had lightening hit their house. >> it was on fire and there was a lot of policemen. >> amateur video shows an attic in a home up in flames. seconds after lightening struck the top floor during the thunderstorm. ryan lives across the street. >> i actually looked over from my room and saw a lightening bolt and 30 minutes later --
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>> firefighters show up in trucks. climb a ladder. battle the blaze and put it out. there's extensive damage to inside and outside of the home. >> i was freaked out. >> the storm roared, toppling big oak trees and this one ripped down power lines, leaving the neighborhood in the dark. >> i was inside with my three children and it's pretty unbelievable. >> now a web of power lines surround her home. >> it's frightening really. >> i all of a sudden heard the enthusiasm. >> sounds of a tree falling nearby hitting -- >> the second floor roof. >> forcing this woman and her neighborhood to evacuate. and these streets are not the only ones closed with downed power lines. come out here to rolling wood drive in northwest, and these trees are blocking the street, the entire area roped off. >> makes you more nervous i think. >> and she worries about being in the dark. pepco crews are trying to calm
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her fears, fixing the lines. >> the power went occupaut at o house. >> crews are trying to restore power. the storms caused flash flooding, here is the scene off of first and v streets in northwest. a viewer sent us these images, it's a familiar scene for people who were slammed with flooding for the second time in a week. here is the forecast to see what is next. >> we could see more thunderstorms, i think, around portions of the area tomorrow. but on radar right now, we are left with a few showers off to the west, west of winchester and down to areas of culpepper. they will fade as they move through. during the morning rush, i do not see us seeing anything. take a look at the rainfall totals. crownsville, maryland, over an
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inch of a rain. i'll step out of the way so you can see the totals. look at this image, sent from in from a viewer. the role cloud came in as the storms went eastward, we will take a look at some more amazing photos from today's severe weather coming up and what we can expect tomorrow. >> back to you. >> a man was in a hospital for almost a month after suffering a rare flesh eating bacteria, tonight, he is recovering at home and sharing his story only with us on news four. >> jim, this is the same rare disease involving other patients in the southeast. the manu are about to meet has been unable to work, his two jobs, since early may as he recovers from surgeries. he wanted to share his story so others understand how quickly flesh eating bacteria can take hold. >> i feel like reborn again. >> he has every reason to feel
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he has a second chance at life. >> he was very sick, he was very sick. >> doctors at t that the 36-year-old was days, maybe hours from death when his wife insisted he get to the er. >> he was in pain every second, no sleep and no work. >> she look at me and say, there's something wrong in you. >> her feelings were right, in a matter of three days, what began as an absces developed into a flesh eating bacteria. >> delays in treatment can be a problem. >> problems we have heard about thanks to other recent high profile cases. including the new mom of twins in south carolina. it may feel like the cases are on the rise, in fact the centers
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for disease control said there's no indication that's the case and doctors stress the key here is this is extremely rare. >> it's a very scary disease that has gotten a lot of attention, but it is really quite rare. >> in this case, a happy outcome after a close brush with death. >> she is my hero. she did the right thing. at the right moment. >> she sure did, if cbc said there are up to 800 cases like this every year. the doctors think it was triggered because where it developed on his body. close to a lot of potential bacteria and not from any places he may have visited. tonight a new sign of how seriously d.c. residents are taking surrounding the mayor's campaign. more than half of the residents think he should step down.
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that is according to a poll out tonight. 54% want him to step down and 37% think he should stay. only 22% see the mayor as trustworthy. compared to more than 60% who say he is not trustworthy. when asked if he is running an ethical administration, only a quarter of people agreed with that statement. and the poll found 44% of d.c. residents think that corruption in the city is getting worse. today mayor gray supporters held a rally and noted that he has not been charged with any crimes. federal prosecutors believe a shadow campaign helped to get the mayor in office and last week, they got a guilty plea from one of those accused. >>. 26 buses have been taken off the streets. that happened after a fire broke out on one of the buses this morning. the driver was the only person aboard, he was not injured.
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the bus driver's union claimed that since 2009, there's been a dozen fires on that style of bus. because the buses are parked, they will operate on a modified holiday schedule on thursday and friday. traffic is back to normal on the airport access road after a shuttle van slammed into a car on the parkway. the westbound lanes of the access road from were shut down for a few hours. five people were on board the shuttle and one passenger was taken to the hospital the rest were okay. virginia's transportation department is taking action, a tree fell on a car and killed a man instantly. the arobrist said that the tree rotted at the base completely. another tree was removed to
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prevent a second similar tragedy. >> george zimmerman is speaking out since being charged in the murder of trayvon martin in florida. he talked tonight about the deadly confrontation and had a message for trayvon's parents. we have the report. >> his message was clear and direct. >> i'm not a racist and i'm not a murderer. >> in an interview on fox news channel hannity's show. he discussed in detail the night he shot and killed the teenager. saying that the unarmed teenager started the confrontation. >> he started to bash my head into the create sidewalk. as soon as he broke my nose i started he yelling for help. i was disoriented. >> it was during that fight, he said that he and martin reached for the gun strapped to his waist. >> at that point, i realized
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that it was not my gun, it was not his gun. it was the gun. >> a gun he fired one time. taking the teenager's life. zimmerman said he did not regret following martin that night or carrying a gun, and that there was nothing he would have done differently. but later in the interview seemed to stray a bit from that claim. >> i do wish that there was something, anything that i could have done that would not have put me in the position where i had to take his life. >> and he had a direct apology for martin's parents. >> i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. and i pray for them daily. >> as he now prepares for what is sure to be an explosive and emotional murder trial. jay gray. nbc news. metro said they figured out and fixed what caused a complete shut down of the rail system
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last weekend, a faulty module caused them to lose sights of the train. trains were held in place until the system was rebooted. the part has been replaced and the shut down was put in place as a precaution and riders were never in any danger. coming up tonight, a man tried to snatch a girl off of a sidewalk, we will show you how she fought him off.
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an attempted ab duction in philadelphia was caught on tape, police released video showing a man trying to abduct a ten-year-old girl, he grabbed her as she walked home with her two-year-old brother, he picked her up and put his hand over her mouth, but she put up a fight and the boy was screaming for help. there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to that punk's arrest. >> a passenger had a phone stolen and men held the thief down. a woman was yelling that he had taken her phone, police arrested the suspect according to arl now, the alleged thief is 17
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years old and has been charged with robbe. people on the no-fly list may be able to learn how to fly. there was a loophole that was uncovered today, it bans the tsa from doing background checks on someone who wants to get flying lessons. some burger king employees learn the hard way, that photos on the internet can come back to hurt you. this photo was taken at a store in mayfield ohio, it shows a employee with his feet in the lettuce bins, and the photo was posted anonymously, but forgot to take off the location tags. the photo went viral, and people who saw it found the store and called in, the three employees involved, of course they were
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all fired. an 8-year-old boy in virginia did not just look at all the storm damage in his neighborhood, he is helping his friend recover one glass of lemonade at a time. he opened up a lemonade stand to help his neighbor pay her $500 insurance dee ductable. he raised $714 so far. his neighbor is grateful. >> she was crying but not crying, she was crying for joy. >> he learned his compassion the hard way, his little sister died in a car accident when he was six years old, and he saw how people helped them out, and wanted to do the same. >> pretty grown up for a little boy. >> welcome back.
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how far away were you? >> 3400 miles. >> we went to montana, and then rode back across the country, a lot of country like that, especially in south dakota and iowa, that shot was in glacierer at 6:00 in the morning before the wind disturbed the water. looks like a mirror image and the reason is because, we saw four of those suckers along the way. my friend was riding a 12-year-old low rider and that bike is awful and it broke down four times. and we have done a country trip several times before and i told her we will not do it again on that bike. >> yours held up? >> oh, yeah, my road glide all the way. it's a sporty bike. people were taking pictures of us as we rode along. >> and you saw amazing weather.
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>> you know what? one drop of rain that is all in montana for letch d11 days. >> all the rain is here. >> they need rain out west. >> they are suffering. >> we are glad you are back safely. >> i am very glad about that. thank you, we have more coming. >> yeah, we have more coming tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, possibly even on friday. but, you know, we were not the only ones going through the crazy weather today. let me take you to new york city and show you the incredible time lapse, it was a messy commute for them too. low visibility, look at that, remarkable, top of the rock cam when those thunderstorms came rolling through. looked like it turned to night. they had long delays there at the trains and area airports as well. here is where right now there's a risk of severe thunderstorms for tomorrow. but i think this will change and i think we will see the whole yaerp shift to the east tomorrow.
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right now, the best chance of some severe storms tomorrow will be across western maryland and western areas of virginia, ohio, that sort of thing, but this whole area will shift more toward the east tomorrow where we could be looking at the same deal of high winds, a lot of lightening and possible hail. look at this image out of new market, virginia. and another picture coming in from b.j. forte. temperatures were topping out well over 100 degrees there. so we have showers to the west of our area now, those will die out, tomorrow afternoon as we get more heat, we will see the storms fire up. this is the seventh time that we hit a high, at or over 100 degrees. 84, and li and wind light out o northwest. but humid out there.
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tomorrow 91 by noon time. it's after 2:00 and 3:00 when the storms will fire again. as the same front goes around the area. and it is still going to be here on friday. some of us down to the south could be looking at a few thunderstorms firing on friday before the system finally kicks out of here early saturday morning. so forecast for tomorrow morning, we are warm and humid, a few breaks in the cloud cover, sun is up at 5:59 now, temperature by tomorrow afternoon, 89, some locations hitting 93, and maybe 95 degrees with the heavy storms coming in. so there are going to be scattered storms, not everyone is going to get wet. not everyone is going to get the needed rainfall. 85 degrees expected for friday. we do cool down for the weekend. at least the first half of the weekend with the high of 81 degrees. i'm thinking for saturday, morning showers, and some afternoon sun.
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so we should be able to get out and enjoy the weekend compared to last. and and once again, a summer time type pattern. early storms next week. >> we will be ready for the weekend and improving weather. >> and i'll be ready tomorrow. >> thank you. coming up next, an incredible story for a reunion five years in the making. ♪
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did you guys even imagine a couple of years ago that we
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would have the baseball team we have now? >> no it does not seem possible. >> it has not sunk in, and i know you have been gone for a while. but they are playing out of their minds lately. >> smoking. >> and it's fun to watch, no such thing as a boring game for the nationals. pitcher zimmerman has been their most consistent starter and i tell you what, he continued to do it tonight. clippard struggled again before finally closing the door on the mets. jordan zimmermann pitches like he does not have a pulse. he is always cool. top of the second, jason bay, have a seat my friend. four stikeouts for zimmerman, goes six strong, allows four hits and no runs. the nats scoreless through six and laroche got into one, two run shot, number 16 on the year for laroche, 2-0, the nationals are on top. fast forward, to the bottom of the seventh, nats up 2-1.
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bottom lar dozy at the plate, two on. and he is adding to the damage. this goes off the scoreboard in right krentder. flores, and roger bernadina, come on down, nationals going up 4-1. top nine, clippard gives up two solo homers. so it's a 4-3 game, could this be the same guy that took them yard last night? not this time. clippard strikes out the side and gave up two home runs. they go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon, it will be gio against r.a. dickey, they are tied for the major league lead with two a piece. the os in action. crushes this pitch. and upper deck job. two-run shot, jones said his hand is still hurting him. 22nd home run of the year, os out front, 2-0, they needed a win december pretsly. bottom of the eighth --
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desperately needed a win. bottom of the eighth. patton, uh oh, gets out of the jam, the shift was on and it worked. the twins leave the bags full and the os break their three-game losing streak with a 2-1 win. robert griffin, iii ready to get itt itty -- getting it goin. he has all his contract money fully guaranteed and just over $13 million will be his signing bonus. >> sweet. >> yeah, skins have an option for a third year. getting him in before training camp was crucial, although hold outs will be more rare because of this new rookie wage scale, regardless of the reason, rg-3 is here and his teammates know how important it is to have qb 1 in camp on time so there's no excuses and the expectations will be high.
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training camp starts one week from half an hour from now. >> your signing bonus the same kind of
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you know how important it is to have your dog, two owners always hoped they got their stolen pets back. they were stolen, but they never thought it would happen. five years after allie and bamma
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disappeared, they turned up in an animal control shelter in georgia, the shelter discovered that one of the dogs had a microchip with the owner's information. they eat out of the same bowl, my dogs would kill each other before they would do that. she got a call asking if she was missing her dogs. she broke out into tears
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>> jay: newt, i'm glad you're here. do you know nicole "snooki" polizzi? >> you mean the guidette who's gonna have a meatball with her fiance, jionni? who's gonna end up doing g.t.l. and t-shirt time? you bet. >> you're so cute. >> jay: wow. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey min


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